Who says you have to be in a relationship to have a great Valentines day?! No one! Many people seem to have the misconception that Valentines day is only for people in a relationship. False. Let me tell you, there are loads of ways to have an unforgettably awesome day. Valentines day of the day of love. So spend the entire day loving yourself.

Breakfast Feast – Instead of the traditional breakfast in bed, make yourself a wonderful breakfast. Valentines Day happens to be on a Tuesday this year and most people will be at work, so some people are choosing to celebrate it earlier, on the weekend. You should do the same. Plan the entire Sunday for yourself. Wake up early on Sunday and actually put in effort to make a proper breakfast. Trust me, you will enjoy this more than you would think.

Relaxing Spa Day – This is also a really cool Valentines Day gift for her. If you’ve never gotten a spa treatment, this is the perfect time to do so.

Treat-full Day – Make the entire day a day of favorites. Buy a box of your favorite chocolate, go to your favorite place and read your favorite book. You can either eat your chocolate while you read your book or simply enjoy the moment reading your book and save the chocolate for later. The point of the Treat-full day, is to do everything you absolutely love doing…treat yourself.

Dinner Date – Gather your single friends, dress really nice and go to a really fancy restaurant. The whole point of this is to have so much fun with your friends, that you’ll forget its Valentine’s Day.

A Day with loved ones – You would be surprised how much being around people who truly care about you, and you them, really helps you forget your worries…if being single is a worry of yours. If you feel super lonely on Valentine’s Day, go visit your loved ones, and simply spend the day or night with them.

Productivity Pill – Take the pill, I dare you! This is the best option for those not close to family, don’t have any single friends to spend the day with and just generally feel lonely. GET BUSY!!! There are uncountable times when I have been so busy I forgot to eat and times when I simply loose cite of what’s going on around because I’ve been so busy. So do it, get busy!

To my single people out there, don’t let being single get in your way of enjoying a lovely day. Get out there  or stay in 😉, just love yourself and have a lovely Valentine’s. Till next time lovelies. Loads of love.




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