HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVELIES!! Its the beginning of another lovely year. After a week long break, its nice to get back into the routine with the new year.

Now that the new year is here, lets talk resolutions. I bet that is one of the trending topics right now. We put ourselves through this every year. And every year,  halfway through the year we forget,and never seem to completely accomplish the resolutions. I used to be one of those people. After some time, I realized it is better to just have one resolution. Around this time of year, the number of gym membership registration skyrockets and two to three weeks later everyone’s back to their good ol’ routine. The trick to having a fail proof new years resolution is to keep it very simple.

My resolution every year is to ‘do things better than the year before’.

Now this might not seem to be reasonable, but the trick is to apply this to everything you considered putting on the list. For example, last year I made the same resolution and applied it to living a healthier lifestyle. Last year was the most effort I had ever made to a healthier lifestyle since I left high school. Last year, I did not set a goal weight or have a defined diet, I just knew I wanted a healthier lifestyle than the previous year, and I did just that. I started by setting my dinner to an earlier time of the day, sometime between 7 and 9 pm. Because I stayed up very late, if I got hungry, I would snack on a fruit or drink a big pot of tea. After a while, I started incorporating smoothie bowls into my meals. Now I exercise 5x a week.

If weight loss is what’s on your mind, apply the simple resolution to it and you’ll be surprised as to the amount of progress you actually make. Because it is the only resolution on your list, you will find yourself thinking about very often. The more you think about it, the more conscious you will become of everything you do related to your health. This consciousness of knowing at the back of your mind that you want to live a healthier lifestyle than the year before, is more likely to result in you small changes that will lead to big results at the end of the year.

Everything is a process that starts with a single thought, a single step, and everything else becomes history. The journey is not always as far as the road appears. So I challenge you to set this one resolution rather than the 10 you were thinking of adding to the list. I’m excited for whats in stock this year guy!! Lets see what this year holds for us. Till next time lovelies, loads of love.

Happy New Year Lovelies



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