Happy Monday Lovelies! It is now officially 6 days till Christmas. I was looking online the other day, found a couple of great ideas for stocking-stuffers and thought I’d share it with you wonderful people.

So for those who have not finished their Christmas shopping, or just wants a little something something for their fashionista or fashion loving relative or friends out there, here are a few ideas for last minute holiday shopping. There are loads of stores on sale right now, with great deals on small items that can be used as stocking-stuffers 😉 Here are a few ideas starting of things starting from $6.


As I mentioned in my favourite beauty products post, I am not a beauty expert. I do have a number of beauty products that I think would be great stuffers for that empty Christmas Stocking you still need to fill. Among the items listed, I have had the chance to try the Shiseido Ultimune (the small red bottle in the overnight beauty care, on the right). If you are looking for something to keep your face moisturized overnight while working other magic like tightening, reducing signs of ageing, this is definitely the product for you. All these items are great and are fail proof. The are basic beauty essentials that anyone who is into ‘beauty’ and receives them will absolutely love them.


You can really go small or go big in this category. You can go with something as simple or small as a set of socks or go as big as…well there is not limit really, you can go as big as your money can take you. Items in this post, at this point in time, range from $6 – $70.

There are loads of stores on sale, with holiday discounts from 10 – 70% and loads of gift ideas. Stores like Zara, Asos, Forever 21, H&M, Nordstrom, Sephora, loads of stores. So go forth and get those last minute shopping done! I hope you guys have a great and productive week. Till next time.





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