Seriously though, where do you find them, where can I find them?!

Have you ever found a random photo of a place online and thought to yourself, I really want to see this in person?! Well, I have…a number of times actually. Almost every time I start up my Microsoft Surface 3, there is a photo of a scene I would  to see in person. Unfortunately, there is nothing pointing to where the photo was taken. It’s been a couple of months now since I started collecting these photos, so I think its high time for me to find out where they were taken.

What do you do in times like this? I take it to the online…to you guys, my lovely readers! <3 Who knows? Maybe it’ll eventually get to someone who’s been to these places!!

So! If you recognize any of these places, a comment below would be very much appreciated.

P.S. Excuse to reflection and ‘wonkiness’ of the photos, they were taken before I learnt a little something about photography.

I look forward to your comments! Until next time, loads of love!




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