Hello Lovelies! I hope you are all had a great day. I was planning on going to the cafe to do some work, but we’re expecting about 30 cm of snow here today, so after church and a mini shoot, it was a stay in day for me -.-‘

I initially planned on writing about something different today, but after my mini shoot earlier today, I have been thinking about blog photography and the concept of finding the perfect shot. Since I started blogging and really paying attention to the work produced by other bloggers, the idea of the perfect shot is something that is constantly running like a clock, at the back of my mind. Some say the quality of your photograph is what makes your blog and draws people’s attention. Since I started blogging, I have also noticed that the quality of your photo lies beyond how advance your camera. Getting great shots also lie in the backdrop of the photo, that in relation to the colours of the subject of the photo, i.e, your outfit. I want people to read, enjoy and love the aesthetics of my blog, so I am always thinking of the right backdrop and looking for the next best place for my next shoot.

The other thing I have learnt is how to be more conscious of my body when taking a photo; to be conscious of the position of my hands, head, and my legs. This is of course a no brainier to some people, but I am honestly telling you, unless in the modelling industry, a blogger or a professional photographer, many people do not think of these things when getting their photos taken. It is definitely not as easy as one might think. Sometimes, positions that feel weird or awkward during the shoot end up turning out a thousand times better than you expected; models spends spend years learning and perfecting the right positions and postures for their physic. These little details definitely make or break photos…I cannot count the amount of times I have deleted photos because my hand looked ‘wonky’.

Do not get me wrong though, I am definitely not an expert at getting the perfect shot…at least not yet. Blogging has definitely been a learning experience for me and I am still learning…everyday. There are so many amazing bloggers who act as a source of inspiration for amazing shots and beautiful pictures, bloggers like The Chriselle Factor, Miki A La Mode, Seams for a Desire, Walk In Wonderland, Extra Petite…the list goes on. Following these bloggers and paying a great deal of attention to the small details in their shots has and is still teaching a ton about getting the great shot.

In my quest to consistently getting the perfect shot, I have to give a big thank you to my bothers; one who is always willing and excited to be my photographer and the other who is mostly just willing and never really excited haha. Also, a big thank you to my lovely friends who are always willing to take my pictures ^_^

I hope you guys are able to take a little something out of this post, like an insight on the work many bloggers put into their posts. Knowing that you guys read our posts, my post and leave a comment is a major source of inspiration and motivation. So thank you all for always following and leaving comments <3. Make sure to follow me on my other platforms such as InstagramPolyvoreBloglovin’ so you’ll see what I’m up to when I am not here. Also make sure to sign up for an email subscription so you never miss a post. And make sure to check out my last post with tips on how to be productive, especially with the Christmas season, trying to get all everything done one time. Until next time, loads of love!!


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